Page 2 of Husky McDougal Transman Trucker, and Father and Son Jocks Calendar Models. Husky gets busy in the Glory Hole with a Donkey Dicked Daddy. And a handsome father and his jock son pose for the camera. I started the black and white line art on these, soon color will be added in the next steps.

Let me know what you think, I love and need encouragement guys!

Husky sucking cock in the glory hole
A portrait of a Father and Son, both handsome softball players.

This Old Whore House

I did this story in the 1990’s. Well before desktop computers and cell phones. I had a crush on the guys from This Old House, an American DIY show that is still running. This is just simple pen and ink on paper, nothing fancy, no special effects. Just hot Daddies with tools. Check them out in my Daddies section. Note the porn magazines, they were a fond memory from back then.They were so forbidden and so tempting for me, it made them super erotic, I remember spending hours pouring and drooling over the men in them, especially INCHES Magazine. I was published in Hand Jobs Magazine around that time.